Chuck E Cheesits

Once again Christopher chose McDonald’s and ice cream sandwiches for his birthday meal. He knows what he likes.

We survived having 15 kids at Chuck E. Cheese today. The party went great. And we didn’t lose a single kid! I don’t know how that place can stay in business – I felt like I was robbing them blind with all of the plastic spiders we left there with!

Hey buddy, you chose this place, suck it up and smile with the 6 foot rat…

Beth outdid herself again…

Here’s what’s on Christopher’s mind this year…

My favorite food is…crepes for breakfast; pancakes for dinner; and popsicles for dessert! I think his breakfast answer was a ploy to get me to make crepes today for breakfast – it worked…

When I grow up I want to be a…scientist. Before he answered this one he said, “Daddy, can I like change my mind later?”. I assured him whatever he told me wouldn’t be set in stone for the rest of his life!

My favorite restaurant is…Culvers

My favorite stuffed animal is…Eli the elephant

My favorite color is…red (this one surprised me – I would have gone with blue all the way)

My favorite song is…Going to the garden to eat worms

My favorite holiday is…4th of July (because we get to do our own fire works and we get to go see fire works)

My favorite season is…winter (because it is fun to play in the snow and sled and throw snow balls)

My favorite thing to do is…make airplanes (paper, rocket, punch-out kits, legos) and trade pokemon cards and play with bakugons

If I could do anything tomorrow I would…go to the Wisconsin Dells

Enough talk about Christopher…time for me. I ran 8 miles yesterday. 2nd time in my life I’ve ran that far. It was on grass and dirt trails and included running up and down a ski hill. It felt good…makes me ponder running a 1/2 marathon…somebody talk me out of it quick. Before the marathon I got to see wood ducks in our backyard again. All four ducks were out there – mallards and wood ducks. Momma mallard now has 10 eggs in her nest but she isn’t sitting on them round-the-clock yet…that should start happening any day now. Here’s daddy wood duck:

2 Responses to “Chuck E Cheesits”

  1. Aunt Katherine says:

    Looks like Christopher had a great birthday. 15 kids?!?! That’s got to be nerve wracking. I can’t believe he’s 6 already!! Beth needs to give me tips on these awesome cakes she makes.

  2. Grampa T says:

    WOW ! – 6 years old already. Looks like you had a great birthday and fun party with all your friends. I hope the 15 you left with were the same ones you brought. That must have been lots of fun for mom and dad too. The birthday meal sounded good, but the birthday cake really looked great. Beth did a great job. Glad to see you are able to fit such nice birthday celebrations in with all your other activites. I really liked reading the “favorites.” Those will be fun to read and compare over the coming years.

    Was the 8 mile run just for “fun” or were you chasing Orca? Don’t think I ever ran that far all at once (and probably never will). Good job. If you decide to go for the 1/2 marathon, don’t look for us to discourage you – good luck.

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