It’s not too late…

Hey p’s, it was great to talk to you tonight. These links are for you 🙂

Sharon Osborne sums it up well

Just go to the last paragraph (or two) – Garrison Keillor

How true it is

And this one was just funny in case you missed it. Saturday Night Live rap

Congratulations Jacqueline & Dan!!!

5 Responses to “It’s not too late…”

  1. Grandpa T says:

    OK, OK – so the liberal media is still backing BO and bashing M & P every chance they get. Are there any links of a similar derogatory or humorous nature about him? Hasn’t he ever flubbed up to provide some material or does he have some kind of “King’s – X?” Last time I looked I couldn’t find much, but there was plenty of funny stuff on M & P. I had SNL on that night, but wasn’t paying much attention to it. At the time I didn’t realize that was the real Sarah. I’m absolutely not a fan of rap, but giving that SNL clip a second look, that one was kind of funny.

    I have to admit I have concern no matter which way the election goes. We can only hope for the best and that whoever gets in will get us back on the right course.

  2. Dave T says:

    Forget the liberal media – I do whatever Oprah and Sharon Osborne say!

  3. Grandpa T says:

    Wow! and I was concerned about the election options! That’s really scary to have those two as advisors.

    I know you are only kidding and that you rely on the good advice of women more important in your life – like your wife, Colleen, Megan and your mother.

  4. Grandpa T says:

    Since it’s not too late, here’s one for you. Check out OB on Mt. Rushmore & Obamassiah. I’m glad to see the humor and satire isn’t all one-sided…

  5. Dave T says:

    I don’t trust any George W’s these days…

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