First snow

We got our first snow today!  The wind gusted up to 50 mph so all afternoon the snow was whipping sideways.  None of the snow stuck to the ground but it looked miserable outside.  That pretty much summed up the weekend.  Purdue lost to Minnesota in football on Saturday so going in to work tomorrow will be loads of fun 🙂  I guess if we only let them beat us at home once every 17 years then I can’t complain too much.  We had to use our 3rd string QB which had predictable results.  Blah. The highlight of this weekend was seeing a coworker’s baby and then going out on a “date” (the church had their annual babysitting night so we took advantage of that). We got some good Italian food in St. Paul. I’m a sucker for places that have tasting menus with several courses – and the food was yummy – even the anchovies 🙂

Last weekend we had some friends from college visit from Chicago – Genevieve and Tom, and their three kids that are the same ages as our kids.  It was a fun weekend.  Of course we toured the fire station, also went to this huge corn maze (and they had tons of other things to do there like this monster-sized corn pit), and we couldn’t avoid going to the MOA too for the rides.


10,000 bushels of corn!!! You can only see half of the pit in this picture – and it was at least 2′ deep too.

Just like you taught me years ago dad…we aimed for the prettiest girls out there 🙂

Orca is getting bigger…and needed a bath…

And finally, a brief first play by Megan.


4 Responses to “First snow”

  1. Grandpa T says:

    What’s going on ? – mom said Purdue isn’t doing all that well this year. You’re going to owe Aunt Beth some money.

    That’s a nice maze. From the prices, it looks like a nice source of revenue. It looked like there were a lot of people out enjoying the day and rural environment. They aren’t going to use that corn for my Corn Flakes are they? I hope not after all those people have been playing in it.

    Glad you’re teaching Christopher the right way to drive the bumper cars, but you might want to work with Megan a little more on her theatrical skills. I didn’t catch the title of the play.

  2. Dave T says:

    We’re still going to whip the hosers! The maze place was insanely expensive after we bought lunch there – they had us trapped!

  3. Brooks Thompson says:

    Hi Everyone – What an amazing maze. I’m afraid I would never find my way out – do the children go in it alone or do parents always tag along? Looks like you had a fun; time. Tell Megan that her play was toooooo short!!

    Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday. Hope you don’t have to wait in line too long. I am already dreading working at the polls that day, but the busier we are means that all that many more people decided to vote and that’s what is important. I just wish I had Wed. morning off so I could sleep in. I hope dad and I are home by 11:00 fromthe polls. Just think, 10 more years and Colleen can vote – the time will fly by.

    The Patriots just started playing the Colts – GO PATRIOTS!!

  4. Dave T says:

    I hope you have a good day tomorrow at the polls – thanks for doing that for so many years!!! It’s crazy to think that Colleen will be voting and going to college in 10 years. We got some papers in the mail last week saying we can do a one-time deposit now (plus monthly contributions going forward) of something like $79,000 so that we would have enough saved for her to go to college – ha!

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