My sign?

Since my last post I noticed after Orca finished eating she left this in her bowl. Was this the life changing sign and communication from the heavens that I’ve been waiting for?


Warning…maybe get your tissues for this next paragraph…

The mother of my Make-A-Wish child (Andres) that recently passed away posted this on her Facebook page. What beautiful words and a great reminder to us all that we will never forget but we must all always strive to make a positive difference every day going forward:

My beautiful baby. My beautiful boy. My beautiful young man. Today is one week since your beautiful service and my tears only grow larger and heavier as I continue to experience the beauty you brought into our lives through your amazing beautiful spirit we were so blessed to know. I will continue to thank God for each and every moment we shared because in all that we experienced I know you were teaching me how to love harder, stronger, and more actively than ever before. Because in the end we didn’t need to say goodbye because the love you taught me means I must SHOW you my love…not just speak it with words…instead ACT on it and DO it! Love with every ounce of energy from every cell in my body and that love, that real SHOW ME love will never die. My promise to you is to carry on your legacy by sharing, caring, and showing love in all that I do for the rest of my life so that your beautiful insight of SHOW ME LOVE will never be forgotten!!! All my love baby, forever, for always, for love, thank you for the honor of being your mom. Can’t wait to see your beautiful smiling face again!!!

Andres is at 2:05 in this video (he sneaks his gun out from under his covers) –

I love the video and the words/song…but now I hear this song on the radio all the time and it would get me down a bit…I guess I should use it for the positive as that reminder for all of us to let the light in and be brave each day.

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  1. Dad & Grandpa T says:

    Wow ! What touching and beautiful words by Andres’ mother. It must be bittersweet for you to watch that video – knowing you helped bring happiness into his young life before he died. I’ve watched that video several times and must admit get a little teary-eyed as I watch. It makes me recall the time I spent up in Lebanon and all the strange (but miraculous) things I went through a couple years ago. That environment is hard enough as an adult, but must be very frightening to a child. I really admire anyone in healthcare who works with children (and families) as the children go through medical procedures, struggle and face such an uncertain future. God bless them all.

  2. Dave says:

    I’m sure it’s tough being able to relate to everything going on in the hospital. We visited Andres once there (we brought in an enormous present that had balloons and his “wish reveal” inside of it) – an amazing place with amazing staff supporting these families going through so much. I still keep hearing that song from the video all the time and it tugs on my heartstrings.

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