Pumpkin Gobble

The fall just went zooming by…from finishing up football, to carving pumpkins, to playing in the leaves, to having campfires, to cleaning out the gutters, raking up all the leaves, and getting the sleds and snow shovels down from storage. I’m not sure that I have a favorite season but I do love the smell in the air, getting out the warm flannel sheets, and that crisp slap to the face when you step outside in the morning this time of year ๐Ÿ™‚

Christopher’s football team went undefeated this year and won the championship! He saved his best game of the year for the championship game. In that game he had a few good tackles and won the ultimate prize…brownies from the coaches (only a few players get brownies after each game from the coaches). That made his whole season! There are a ton of videos but I tried to single out the ones you should watch if you are interested – he’s #90:

10/1/2013 โ€“ EP Black (Chris’s team) vs EP Orange – watch video 20 (notice who ends up on the bottom of the pile!)

10/5/2013 โ€“ EP Black (Chris’ team) vs Chaska Black (Chris is wearing a maroon long-sleeve shirt under his uniform so look for red/maroon arms) – watch video 18 (he’s in on the tackle), video 24 (a hilarious tackle – I watch this one over and over), and video 46 (a punt from our team into the head of one of our own plays – fun stuff)

10/26/2013 – Championship Game – (Chris is wearing dark blue long sleeves in this game) – here are some fun ones to watch of Christopher – 22 (Christopher solo tackle) & 23 (helped with tackle), 28, 34, 68, 70

I didn’t get pictures from Susana of when mom and dad were out here so I’ll have to post those next time. I’m SOOOO glad they made it out here. It was an intense week of the year and unfortunately my stress was showing at times. Too many things going on at once and I was on edge here and there but I love having them come out and getting to hang out and talk and play with the grandkids. It’s tough being so far away so hopefully we can do this more often. It was made all the more special by a surprise visit from Danny DeVito – shocking.

We’ve been to two half-time dance performances by Colleen in the past week. Both times were at women’s Gopher basketball games. These games typically have lots of empty seats and by the second game we knew the routine of what they would do during timeouts throughout the game. At the first game during timeouts they threw some t-shirts and mini-basketballs out to the crowd. Maybe 10-20 of each so not that many people get them. We didn’t get anything at the first game and Megan said she was going to get a ball the next time we went. Not only did she say she was going to get a mini-basketball, but she also said that once she got it she would use it as a pillow that night. So at the second game she picked our seats (4th row on one end of the floor with no other kids around us). When they came out with the mini-basketballs she ran to the aisle and jumped and waved her arms. Sure enough…one of the cheerleaders (who had been staring at me all night already…uh…maybe I’ll save writing about that for another time) spotted Megan and threw a ball in her direction. It was a high throw…and Megan was standing on the stairs…and the lights were so bright shining into Megan’s eyes…and if she didn’t catch it the ball would be up for grabs…so Megan stretched way up…and the ball was coming…and…and…and…of course she caught it and gave us a look like “I told you I’d get a ball” and she went right back to eating her ice cream with the ball tucked under her arm ๐Ÿ™‚ We found Goldy (Goldy Gopher of course) after the game to get his signature. She did try using it as a pillow but when I woke her up this morning the ball was on the ground. She said it was too big and rolled a lot – hee hee.

Ok…gotta go do some sit-ups and jumping jacks and whatever else I can think of to make lots of room for turkey, stuffing, pie, etc, etc, etc.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!

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  1. Dad & Grandpa T says:

    Forgot to mention – that smiley face in Orca’s dish had to be a sign. Many don’t recognize or appreciate the many talents and powers of dogs. Casey hasn’t been tested for awhile, but she once was extremely accurate in predicting the outcome of elections.

    Thanks for all the pics. Enjoyed them all, but won’t attempt to comment on them all, other than to say they include the prettiest dancer, best football player and top Gopher ball catcher. I know it doesn’t seem like you have enough time, but you’ll always be glad you spent the time and had so much fun with your kids. Those years sneak by way too fast. Is a smoke cannon on Christopher’s list? He and JT could have spent the whole day in that room. That was funny about Megan and the ball. Did you say she is determined? I don’t know why more don’t attend the women’s Gopher b-ball games. If they are as good as the women’s hockey game we saw, I would enjoy them, besides the great half-time show would make it worthwhile even if the game wasn’t good.

    We are glad we came out when we did and aren’t there now “enjoying” your MN winter. I’m sure winter will catch up with us, but so far we’ve been very lucky, especially compared to other parts of the country. We are so glad we were able to enjoy some of the activities and spend time with your family. It was nice visiting with Susana and learning about Spain and her family. Hope she is enjoying and adapting to your winter weather also.

    We hope Beth’s stress level has come down a notch or two. We really admire her fortitude and maybe Megan’s determination comes naturally. Take care and stay warm. (You can keep the wintery weather in MN as long as you like.)

  2. Dave says:

    I’m so glad you came out when you did. It was a fun time and I’m very glad you had a fun day shooting smoke cannons with Christopher and JT. That was great and good memories! You are welcome any time – we need to get out there again this year too! Beth has been having a great last few weeks with studies & grades – all that hard work is paying off. Glad to hear everyone had happy and safe holidays out there. Take care everyone!

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