Pics, pics, and more pics

School dances,
U Can Danz dances,
mommy’s lab,
splits, splits, and more splits,
falling eggs,
new kung foo belts,
very long grass when we got back,
Schooner Days with fancy new Schooner porta potty! Just when I thought this fair couldn’t get any better they go and put a tarp over a bunch of biffies!

I think that pretty much sums up this post.

We had a GREAT trip. I can never believe how fast those trips go. We flew back and had an egg drop for the scout troop that same night. The baptism was great. Very proud and honored to be a part of it. So cool to finally meet precious little Aniston. Always great to see and talk to everyone – can never get enough and it goes WAY too fast. Start planning those trips to MN everybody so we can see more of you!!!

You get to play “spot the differences” in the photo of me and Aniston. I started out by removing some gunk and drool (from one or both of us), and then just kept clicking – I think there are at least 7 differences by the time I stopped spastically clicking. Hours of entertainment.

Four more days of school πŸ™‚

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  1. Mom and Grandma T. says:

    Wow, your family sure is busy. The kids must be excited as only 3 more days of school left. I loved all the pictures. Did Christopher’s egg survive the drop? Did Megan drop one, too? Colleen looked great doing all her dancing, but I can’t even imagine doing some of those poses. Makes me hurt just looking at her. Looked like the kids were having a great time in Beth’s lab. Was that her lab in the background when Colleen was on a bridge and the building in the background was really pretty. I finally went back and read your reflections of Katherine and all the books you had read. Made me cry, but that is good to do once in a while. I think I’ll see if the used book store or the library has a couple of them that sounded interesting. You have a real gift, David, of writing and I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the pictures. Keep up the good work. It was great having all of you out here last week. Wish it were more often. We’ll try to get out your way soon. I need some suggestions for Beth’s birthday. I did ask her when she was here, but didn’t get an answer. HELP!!!! Love, Mom

  2. Dave says:

    Megan dropped an egg this year – her egg & container were completely busted. Christopher’s egg didn’t survive the drop either – but he deserved that for using the exact same packaging three years in a row – that’s what lack of creativity will get you!!! To be fair, the ladder on the fire truck was extended all the way up this year and the containers were really dropping far! That funky building in the background is the Weisman Art Museum ( It’s free so I took the kids there while Beth was doing lab work. I didn’t realize that you hadn’t read my posts on Katherine ever. I go back and read them from time to time. Glad I wrote them for me and that others get a lot of benefit too. I wanted to get it all out while the memories were as fresh as they ever would be. I’ve read a few other books I like more recently – I’ll have to share those titles. My needs are different now than they were initially. I no longer care what percentage of people of what age & gender commit suicide. Now I focus on healing & helping others in my reading. I couldn’t get anything else out of Beth for gift ideas. She wants Toms shoes. We may get her a pair or two – you could do a gift certificate. I’ll see what else I can find out from her and let you know!

  3. Dad and Grandpa T. says:

    Ditto for me, but as much as mom enjoys puzzles I’m surprised she didn’t play spot the differences. I didn’t get up to 7 unless you count each click as one – 1) chest hair blurred, 2) baby drool, 3) dots on your chin, and 4) baby snot. I was doing the same routine with negatives I scanned from grandma T’s. I was not only clicking spots, but also trying to improve color, contrast and cropping (I even took some stains out of shirts). Not sure I found it that entertaining, but it did take hours and I’m only just beginning. I’ve taken a detour from that project and have been putting the records I brought back on CDs. It’s time consuming also, but I’m enjoying listening to them. Can’t believe how entertaining those records were 50-60 years ago. Kids now would not even consider listening to them with all the electronic and digital “entertainment” they have at their fingertips. I’m glad I was a kid when I was. Mom said a 4 year old came into their office and said how bored he was. I think I learned at an early age not to say that to Grandma T. If I couldn’t find something to do, she was usually pretty good at finding something for me to do.

    Really enjoyed your family’s visit and all the pics. Lots of wonderful memories. You will never regret the activities you are enjoying with your family and capturing them in pics and your blog.

    My back has been aching the past 2 days. Looking at the gyrations of Colleen makes me wonder if that’s what I need. I’m afraid if I tried that I wouldn’t be able to untie myself or walk. Maybe Christopher wasn’t too inventive, but why not stay with a winner? If it worked for 3 years, I probably would have gone for a 4th myself. I can see that Megan’s didn’t make it or is she holding Christophers? She is smiling so she doesn’t look too unhappy. I might guess that hers was the teddy bear one. It doesn’t look like your kids need a chemistry set, or maybe they don’t sell those anymore. They were a fun and educational “toy” back in the good old days, but now they probably are considered too dangerous or a threat to society. I hope Beth is supervising them closely as they are playing in the lab. Colleen I would probably trust, but the younger two have enough devil in them that I would be concerned about them experimenting on their own. Disguising biffies as covered wagons? – must be in Edina. What’s next biffies disguised as a caterpillar? I had a tender moment today as I planted the magnolia tree that Heather and Mike got for us in Katherine’s memory. Also, the women at work got mom a gift certificate last year to use at a nursery in Hudson. We put it towards some pink rose bushes and other shrubs to put near the pond. Even though they are small now it helps dress it up and we need to go back for more. When I see Tom I feel obligated to warn him that Beth wants his shoes.

    Really enjoyed your visit and the blog update. Thanks.

  4. Dave says:

    You two ought to get your own blog – you had way more content than me with this latest post!!! πŸ™‚ I love to get these responses. I wanted to get pics out but just didn’t have time to write more for my post – but you two made up for my lack of content – thanks πŸ˜‰

    You still missed a few big things in my spot-the-differences picture. Big prizes are at stake! Megan was holding her bucket from the egg drop and has egg soaked cotton (that I think she pulled from a pillow) oozing out of it. We are 2 days away from the “I’m bored” summer phase. Our big yard helps with that. Lately Megan has wanted to kick the soccer ball with me every night – that’s been fun for both of us. Yesterday afternoon was Colleen’s sixth grade graduation ceremony. As each child came to the stage they had a teacher from their past several years read a nice quote about them.

    I’m sure it was a difficult moment to plant that tree. I can’t wait to see it and everything around the pond the next time we’re out there. It was looking really good this time.

  5. Dad & Grandpa T says:

    Found a couple more. Pink heart blotted out and shiny center in headband removed. Anymore? I’m surprised mom isn’t playing. I’ll have to remind her again. I told her she couldn’t peek at mine.

  6. admin says:

    Nice work. That might be it. Gold star for you!

  7. Uncle Dan says:

    I’m so upset that I’m now understanding the game of the Aniston picture and now everything has been found. When I read it the other week I thought you said there were seven pictures that were different of you two. I found the difference in the picture of Colleen with pink hair and you dressed like a homie. You removed Megan in the second picture.

  8. Dave says:

    That’s awesome – LOL. I’ll be sure to make more pics in the future to give you another chance. Guess I’ll have to come up with some prizes for you too.

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