Ups and Downs

Interesting week.

(Good) Coached my first girls soccer practice of the season (Megan’s team).

(Fun) 4 out of 10 girls have never played soccer before.

(Good) It hit 70s for the first time this year for that practice last Saturday.

(Bad) Despite it being in the 70s, I started getting chills & feverish while coaching and ended up coming down with the flu by that night.

(Good) Which resulted in losing a few pounds.

(Bad) We were forecasted to get 1′ of snow Thursday.

(Good) Woke up Thursday morning and didn’t have ANY snow.

(Fun) 30 minutes south got the full 1′ of wet, heavy snow.

(Good) Went to my first CISM team meeting.

(Good) There is a recent article about CISM at this link so I don’t have to explain it πŸ™‚

(Great) People on CISM were very friendly and welcoming and serve a great purpose.

(Bad) Likely murder/suicide in Eden Prairie this week of couple in their early 20’s. His suicide was witnessed by police in city hall’s parking lot when he was coming in for questioning. Haven’t found her yet.

(Mixed) CERT (Citizen Emergency Response Team) got activated so I helped make phone calls & with the search for the young woman. I even got to drive and be in charge of a a van filled with 12 CERT members πŸ™‚ Can you find me in these pictures? If you can your eyes are AMAZING. In one I’m in the center walking on the median. In the other I’m between the yellow lines in the middle of the road right in front of the tall black post going up the photo.



(Good) I made Kentucky Derby pies.

(Bad) The bourbon didn’t bake out of the pies the way I thought it would.

(Good) The bourbon didn’t bake out of the pies the way I thought it would!

(Bad) Because I was helping with the search we didn’t get to watch the Kentucky Derby as a family yesterday (Saturday) as we always do.

(Good) We watched it as a family today (Sunday). Had fun screaming at our horses!

(Good) I had great intentions as I do each year to teach the kids about losing their money through betting on horses.

(Bad) I lost all of my money to the kids again. I’m the only one who keeps learning that gambling is gambling and not everybody wins.

(Bad) All of the weight I lost from the flu came right back with the Derby Pies

(Good) Beautiful day and I took the kids for a bike ride to the park

(Great) We get to see everybody soon!

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  1. Dad & Grandpa T says:

    Glad the good, fun, fair & great far out numbered the bad.

    I don’t suppose the really bad one had a good ending. I looked again briefly at the MN paper but didn’t see an update on that. Is that a dragnet you are part of in the pictures? Never actually saw one. Now I know what Sgt. Joe Friday’s TV show was all about. Would really make you concerned if you looked out your window and saw that line going by. Hope they had traffic blocked off while you were all out in the road. I read the article about CISM. It does sound like it serves a great purpose. Your training and experience on EPFD should be very beneficial in both your CISM and CERT service.

    Good luck in your upcoming soccer season. Megan should be great help to you and other players since she’s one of the four who have played. I bet she’ll have a great season.

    I lost $5 on the derby. At work my pick was Overanylze. Never heard how he/she did, but only heard the name mentioned once and it wasn’t because it was leading. We watched the race. It’s as short as the Indy race is long. Amazing how well they can run in mud. If I had that much invested in a race horse, I’m not sure I would want it out there in those conditions. Maybe they should run horses around the track a bunch of times like they do at Indy to dry the track off.

    Better close. Mom just got home from watching Preston, Cameron and Aniston. We finally got the pictures of all our little gems back up on the wall. Adding one more changed the arrangement, but we were so happy to have to do it. We’ll see you soon.

  2. Dave says:

    Nope, no solid updates on the missing woman from Eden Prairie. Yes, all traffic was stopped on this major road in Eden Prairie for about 2 hours. I’m sure it was quite the sight to see this wall of people walking up the street. We won our first soccer game 5-0 (not that anyone was keeping score), and the girls had lots of fun despite a howling wind the entire game! Good idea about running horses around the track – they have many races before the actual Derby race – guess those horses weren’t running fast enough! Take care – can’t wait to see everyone and hold Aniston! Don’t worry – Beth and I won’t ever make you move pictures on your wall again! πŸ˜‰

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