Quack quack

Congratulations are in order! I didn’t even realize we were expecting but suddenly we have 7 or 8 new mouths to feed. Momma duck hid another nest from me, right behind the pond…and this time was successful! I went out to the pond to take a picture of the water lily that was opening and I was surprised to see a bunch of little duckies floating around. Made my day.

Here they are: hack, yack, smack, snack (I hope he doesn’t live up to his name), thumbtack, 8-track, paddy-whack, and tic-tac.


Megan went around the yard tonight and kissed all the opened day lilies good-bye after I told her they each only stay open for a day.

We had a very successful first car wash to raise money for cancer. I helped organize it and must admit I was skeptical at first that we could pull it off. We ended up raising over $2000 – and it was a very cloudy day. Next year there’s no stopping us! Thank you to those that have pledged me!!! And for everyone else there’s still time – click here: Dave’s Relay for Life link. Our sign at the car wash that was 100′ in the air attached to our ladder got people’s attention – who needs high school girls in bikinis on every corner???

Beth and the kids had a good trip to St. Louis. They were down and back in under 3-days (whew!). They saw cousin Ava in the play Annie at the Muny. Here the kids are on stage before the show. Quite an impressive place.

Our chief posted a recent “save” on his fire blog – credit goes to a few guys from my station who performed CPR for an hour and shocked this guy 6 or 7 times. Gives me chills just knowing that when they first got back to the station they weren’t feeling like this was going to have a happy ending. This is why we do it: A Stunning Result

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  1. Brooks Thompson says:

    Glad your car wash was so successful. GREAT IDEA putting that sign up so high!! The ducks are so cute. I’ll definitely have to show one of our teachers when we get back to school in September. She’s the one who tried to incubate the eggs. Not too successful this year. She had to go out and buy baby chicks for the kids to watch the last week of school!! Those are the 6 chickens that Erik and Katherine are now parenting.

    The kids are getting so big. Gee, wish we could see all of you more often. Colleen looks so grown up and Christopher and Megan are getting taller, too. Tell Megan we don’t want her cooking for us when we visit, especially pasta!!!

    Sounds like you had the best Father’s Day with your family. That’s what it’s all about!!!

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