Rack, Sack, and Tack

The odds aren’t in your favor if you’re trying to survive being a baby duck. The twelve eggs hatched while we were on vacation and these are the only two ducklings I have seen. Yah, yah, yah…I know I’m getting older…because it was fun watching them this year. I hope they come back in future years and tell a few of their friends.


I haven’t seen the snake yet this year…but everything else is filling in nicely in the pond.



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  1. Brooks Thompson says:

    Howdy from New New Hampshire – Boy, they raise cute little chickens in Minnesota. Christopher actually looks like he’s a real chicken!!! – I hope that big sow didn’t move while all of you were sitting on her!! Only 9 more days and I’ll be able to see you little chickens. Talk to you soon. Love, Grandma T

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