Rain rain go away

It was a crazy weather day today. It rained about 10 times today and it would go from sunny (well, almost sunny) to torrential downpours. There were tornados in north Minneapolis too. We were out and about until about 3:30 p.m. and finally decided that the weather looked sunny enough to go for a walk around the marsh at about 7:45 p.m. Sure enough…exactly half way around the marsh the sky turned dark grey and it poured on us. And sure enough, for the second time today we all had jackets except Christopher. It was a warm rain so the kids didn’t mind, and it brought a gigantic rainbow which was cool. Today was the art center’s open house so we were there at 2:00 p.m. and one of the crafts for the kids was making “rain makers” – funny how that worked out…they’re doing their job today!

Last weekend Beth and I had a date night and got to see The Prairie Home Companion show. It was really cool (another sign that we’re getting old). I wanted to see Garrison Keillor before he retires next year (if he actually does this time). We had a fun time and ate at Tom Pham’s Wondrous Azian Kitchen afterwards (which was also surprisingly really good considering its name). It was a mix of asian and sushi and I got to have a sake flight sampler which was yummy.

Here we are at the art center’s open house today. They had snacks, and demos, and crafts for the kids, and some awesome displays of artwork (especially the lighthouses and cardinals) by some very talented local artists 😉

Guess I’m going in reverse chronological order today. Today was our make-up mother’s day (since Christopher was hurling on the real mother’s day). Beth loves going to Convention Grill for mother’s day so here we are at lunch dining on our real malts (chocolate with banana, and chocolate with peanut butter cups), burgers, and fries. Nothing but the best for our mommy. In the bottom center of the picture is my burger – there is so much smoked cheddar and grilled onions piled on it that you can’t even see the meat – tasty!!! All these years I’ve been a little hurt when people say that Megan gets her looks from her mommy – after seeing this picture I’m starting to agree with everybody 🙂

Colleen wrapped up another season of dancing. Here she is with her teacher getting her trophy. She had an awesome year – can now do the full splits, is in the front row for most routines, is the only dancer with a move named after her, and does some fancy thing all the time that she’s really proud of where she pulls her back leg up by her ear while hanging onto her toe. Next year is the year that I get to dance with her – the dad theme this year was Michael Jackson songs – I’m a bit bummed that I didn’t get to wear sparkle socks with the dads this year 🙂

Having trouble finding Colleen in this picture? Just look for the only girl doing the splits perfectly…ouch.

I can’t remember if we told you or not, but the spanish immersion school wasn’t working out so we moved the kids to a combo 1960’s & Amish school…here they are heading off to school in their new uniforms.

Mom – I’m kidding, they didn’t switch schools. It’s hard to believe that we managed to keep all three kids clean (especially Christopher in 100% white) through their school dance performances. The kids did great – lots of good dancing. Christopher’s class even got chosen to do their dance again for one of the other elementary schools that was celebrating a spanish night.

There’s been a lot of bad weather recently. Last weekend we got hail and even found one bigger than a quarter. The kids couldn’t resist running out into the yard to pick up the bigs chunks that were falling…here they are with baggies filled with hail (I’m sure they’ll still be in our freezer for the next year or so).

I have no idea what this picture is all about. The things that the kids are allowed to do in public when their mommy is supposed to be watching them. Here’s Megan’s new wide-eyed look again…

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