Crash on the final turn?!?!?!?

Are you kidding me???? Hildebrand can’t make it through one more turn to win the 500???? He cost me $3.50 and handed my mega-jackpot to Megan. Darn rookies. Megan also had the driver leading at lap 100 for another 50 cents. Colleen had the highest finishing female driver and the first car out of the race for 50 cents each…the rest of us walked away empty handed 🙁

Happy Memorial Day. It’s thundering outside right now and supposed to be off-and-on severe storms all day. Seems like this is the weather every weekend lately. I like storms – but the rain is making everything grow like crazy and it’s hard to find time to work in the yard in between the bad weather.

Here’s Christopher playing baseball. Love the catchers gear. They use a pitching machine this year and get 10 swings if they need them. Some of these kids have already been playing for a few years and can really hit and throw. Christopher’s game is improving a lot already and he has a lot of fun out there being one of the guys on the team. We just signed up for football in the fall so this will be a 5 sport year (soccer last fall, basketball in the winter, baseball in the spring, kung fu off & on, and football next fall) – he’s still trying to find his sport. I think it will be a riot to see these little kids bouncing around off of each other in that big football gear.

The scouts had their egg drop last week. I got the fire truck to come out again this year. They load the bucket up, raise it up pretty high and then bombs away. Some of the scouts try to make something to protect their eggs – and others just like watching their eggs go splat. Christopher’s survived again this year. Afterwards we had a question and answer session with the kids. One kid was on a roll with mixed-up answers – which brought up great talking points but made it hard not to giggle. We asked the kids to tell us what they knew about fire. He said if your house is on fire you should drop to the ground and roll around 🙂 We asked if the kids had a meeting place if there was a fire. He said he and his sister had a meeting place…in the living room 🙂 We asked what they should do if they were inside their room, the smoke detectors were going off, and his door felt hot. He said he would run to his window and break it (we warned him that he might get in trouble if he’s breaking windows and it was just dinner being slightly burned) 🙂

The same night that Christopher had his egg drop I was supposed to be coaching Megan’s soccer team. I went there for a team picture before the egg drop, gave the other coach the line up that I created, and then rushed to the egg drop. Megan has great soccer skills – she’s got a strong foot (actually, both feet) and understands where to go, but she’s been tentative in the games so I keep telling her to get in there and play hard and that I know she can score a lot of goals. I got a phone call from Beth while we were at the egg drop saying we had to meet them for ice cream because Megan scored 3 goals that night. She may not want me to go to any more of her games this year if this is how she plays when I’m not there, huh???

Here’s Megan biking off to find that pot of gold after one of our recent storms…wish her luck…

Here’s a sure sign of spring crawling across our floor…yuck.

Mom & Dad – you were asking about birthday presents. After several years, just yesterday I emptied the final crumbs into a tupperware container of my 6 lb box of “peanut brittle crunch with decorettes”…hint hint. 🙂

Hey Dad – keep getting better and stay strong and positive. Kick some cancer ass!!! See you all in two weeks.

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  1. Dad and Grandpa T says:

    Hello to all,

    I’ve intended to comment, so will try to catch up a little just to let you know your updates were received and enjoyed. Think I trailed off commenting in mid March when they gave me the vacation in the hospital –

    Enjoyed the Pearson video – very impressive & can see why it is rewarding to work for a company like that.

    Enjoyed kung fu photos. Christopher and Megan will have to show us some of their moves (on dad or grandma – not sure I’ll be up to it yet).

    Think March was about the time Colleen received news about the KEY program. Congratulations and hope that all went well and was/is a great achivement.

    Menards looks like quite a store. Looking forward to checking it out when we get out there again.

    Megan is sure one of the cutest firefighters I’ve seen.

    The Dells looked like fun as usual. Glad you can get away and enjoy it each year. Looks like it’s changed a little since we passed through there 40-some years ago.

    Enjoyed Megan’s Star of the Week poster. Great job. I liked the choice of pictures and topics.

    Congratulations to Christopher for bridging from Wolf to Bear. Hope you and dad are enjoying scouting and doing things together.

    Enjoyed all the Easter photos – you have a nice looking family. Hard to believe the kids are growing up so fast. Wish we lived closer so we could enjoy seeing them grow up in person, but do enjoy and appreciate the blog updates.

    Enjoyed Christopher’s birthday thoughts. Those are always enjoyed and interesting and will be fun to compare over the years as interests change.

    Liked the new school uniforms – that’s how kids should dress to go to school – maybe you can start a new trend.

    Congratulations to Colleen for the dancing trophy. Keep up the great work.

    What a shame that Hildebrand didn’t zoom across the finish. I still say he started waving to the crown a little too soon. Guess that’s what they mean by “close, but no cigar.”

    There – I’m sort of caught up on commenting…

    Certainly looking forward to the three of you joining us next week. Saturday will be here before we know it. I’m just finishing up another round, so hopefully will be feeling up to whatever activity you would like to do. Mom will still be working a little, but we can find something to occupy ourselves. If there is anything special you want to do, put it on the list.

    Better close. I offered to help sort stuff this morning for the church rummage sale on Fri. & Sat. so better head out. Also need to stop by and give another blood sample. Sometimes I feel like a human pin cushion, but as long as the readings are heading in the right direction I don’t mind as much. One tech said she could see I’m developing scar tissue in my vein – I can see why.

    Today is a beautiful morning and it’s supposed to be a nice day. Tomorrow is when we are to get the hot humid weather, but hopefully it will be cooler when you arrive on Saturday. Too bad all five of you can’t make it, but we are certainly looking forward to the visit by the three of you. We will see you Saturday.


    Dad and Grandpa T.

  2. admin says:

    It had been so long since you posted that I had to approve your comments. Thanks for the great updates – I love to get them. I’m responding on an iPad that I bought today 🙂

    It is 104F right now – we’re the hottest in the nation!!!

  3. Dad and Grandpa T says:

    Yikes ! 104F in Minn.???!!! They said on the news tonight 30 states were in the 90s. We’re supposed to be hot tomorrow, then it is to cool down over the weekend, so when you arrive hopefully it won’t be quite as hot. Daniel is in Texas this week and it’s been too hot for him there also. He gets back to NH Friday night.

    New toy/tool? – I’ve sort of been thinking about an iPad, but want to wait until Toshiba puts theirs on the market. It is supposed to be available some time this summer, but I think the price will be more than I want to pay. I’m sure I’ll have a chance to check yours out (assuming it’s coming along with you). I’ve seen Katherine & Erik’s and am amazed by all it can do. For me it’s more of a toy, so maybe I should wait and by Christmas the prices will be more enticing.

    Glad the comments came thru (with some help). Looking forward to your arrival Saturday and spending time with you and the kids next week.


    Dad & Grandpa T.

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