How did a month go by since my last post??? Since then we’ve finished school, traveled to NH, finished soccer, bought a 10’x20′ pool, sent Christopher to safety camp, had some sort of stomach flu hit half of our house, celebrated the 4th, and started to figure out our summer routine.

We had an awesome trip out east. It was great to see everybody. I’m very glad that we could sneak that trip into our summer plans. I can’t believe how fast that came and went – incredible. Stay strong Dad! Whoop cancer’s butt!!!

Christopher went to safety camp last week. It’s something that the fire department started a little over 20 years ago and is for all kids going into 3rd grade in the city. They cover a TON of topics and keep the kids very busy for two days. When Christopher got home the first day I asked him what safety things he learned. He responded with…”if you’re going to pick up a power line you need to first put on a plastic glove and put a work glove over that”. Huh? What? Say that again?? I asked him to clarify and he repeated the same thing. There was a demo that a utility guy put on and that’s what stuck out in his mind. Yikes. His other safety tips were a bit safer thankfully.

There are so many pictures I’m just putting them down here in somewhat random order and finishing this post quick…hope that’s ok with everybody πŸ™‚

Fun in the basement. Grandpa bought a new race car track that we setup and we also got the train working. Lots of fun for the kids all week!

Megan wanted to buy a lobster and crack it open while we were in NH, so of course I couldn’t refuse that. I’m used to doing 20 at a time though.

Not that I’m saying anything. I’m just saying. Whose thigh is bigger in this pic??? Tee hee

Jumpin’ Jays Fish Cafe in Portsmouth, NH. This place was great – great seafood and a nice porter from Otter Creek in Vermont. Everything was great about the meal – the city, the company, the weather, the service & atmosphere, and of course the food.


I think we had ice cream just about every day. Man do I still love ice cream. Slippery slope…

Saw the Nina and Pinta near Portsmouth. These were handmade replicas. After seeing how small those were and learning that the crew slept and lived on the top deck it is amazing that anyone chose to make that voyage and then survived. Not for me.

Christopher knocked Preston down so Jackie came in to teach Christopher a thing or two!

Brewery tour in Manchester, NH. There go the grandparents spoiling the kids as usual. I said no to beer for Megan but grandpa won that one.

Here’s Megan with her favorite horse – Charlie Horse (hee hee)

My favorite part of this picture is how mom is holding Sarah (too funny).

Schooner Days came as it does every year to help celebrate Beth’s birthday. Cheese curds, mini donuts, taco in a bag, bingo and rides -what else do you need in life?

Cub Scouts did a Raingutter Regatta for the first time this year. You can only blow your boat – no touchy. It was fun for the kids and was more about skillful blowing than how well your dad can make a scout project πŸ™‚

We celebrated Father’s Day by going to Pizza Luce (good pizza and good local beer) and then walking to a get some ice cream. The ice cream place is quaint and very kid friendly as you can tell by the sign:

Chillaxin’ in the summer.

We had two families over the 4th of July. They both had kids that are our kids ages so it worked out great. The boys were in charge of ordering all fireworks and they took that job very seriously (that’s probaby only a 3rd of the fireworks in the picture). We played washers and bocce and the kids swam in the pool and had a great time.

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  1. Dad and Grandpa T says:

    Yikes – thanks for the tip on picking up live power lines. I’ll remember that one if I come across one while walking Casey. I hope the tips you firefighters give the kids are equally as useful.

    Enjoyed the update and all the photos. AND we sure enjoyed your visit, but the week went by way too fast. It is hard to believe July is here and almost a week of it gone already. It was good for my spirits to keep busy and enjoy your company. The visits to the fish and ice cream shops weren’t too bad either. I didn’t realize you were taking a picture of Megan drinking all that beer. I’m glad you didn’t include the picture of her driving the car. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a sign concerning “free range children.” That sign is almost as friendly as the ones the condo put up at King Kone. I enjoyed the picture of your free range children.

    Glad you enjoyed the 4th. We had a nice weekend, but didn’t do too much on the 4th. I spent part of the day nursing my eye. I finally got in to see the doctor Tues. afternoon. He gave me some drops and said to keep a warm compress on it. I think it is getting better, excep this morning it was “glued” shut. I thought my vission was a little blurry and the nurse confirmed it when she had me try to read an eye chart. She said “not too good” when I asked her how I did.

    I see the oncologist tomorrow afternoon. He’ll do another bone marrow biopsy and give me the lab results from last week. We’re planning on taking off for Indiana early Friday morning unless he says otherwise. Thanks also for the encouraging words. I’m doing my best to put this behind me and start feeling better soon. If my doctor says I’ve bulked up too much, I’ll let him know how much I enjoyed your visit and the stops at the fish and ice cream shops.

    Hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip to Florida. Sorry the schedules didn’t work out for meeting in Indiana as we originally had hoped, but at least we got to enjoy your company last month. We’ll be looking for your next update. I’m sure you’ll have lots of pictures to share from your trip. I suppose there’s a chance I’ll be viewing the next update(s) from my room up in Lebanon on my new tablet. I just re-read the bone marrow transplant literature. Not sure that’s going to be much fun, but the alternative isn’t fun to think about either. With the prayers and encouragement of all I know I CAN kick the butt of this.

    Better close for now. Drive safe and we’ll do the same.


    Dad and Grandpa T.

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