Randomness – cross-country edition

It’s been a busy month and a half. And not much blogging to show for it. Here’s a whole mess of randomness (and not much wit or comments this time – sorry) that I’ll put out there quickly to get caught up…ready?

Here are some pics of when we were out on the East Coast. Cousins and playing board games with Grandma & Grandpa are great fun!

On our drive back home we stopped by the Great Wolf Lodge for a shortened vacation and met up with some friends who were already there.

And Easter came and went. We had a beautiful day for it. Here are some Easter pictures and Colleen wearing a furry hoodie that she got that day.

There was a double rainbow on the way home from work last week. And one of the rainbows was the brightest rainbow I’ve ever seen. So I started trying to take pictures with my iPhone (uh…yes mom, I pulled over and came to a complete stop before taking each picture). It was off to my side so check out my face reflected in the sky with the rainbows…cool, huh? Hee hee.

Christopher walking over the bridge to start on his path to being a Webelo. Next week is the egg drop – and also time for me to start planning the rocket launch again this summer.

We’ve had choir shows at school for all three kids (here’s Christopher on the mic).

Megan has gone through several phases lately…she focuses very intently for a week or so and then moves on to something else…the last 3 mini-phases have been running away, stacking stuffed animals on soccer balls for pictures (and also posing with Orca), and catching fish & water-walking-bugs from the pond.

Here she is one of the times she was all set to run away (complete with back pack full of stuffed animals plus others she could carry in her hands). I told her I wanted one last picture to remember her by…

Followed by balancing stuffed animals on soccer balls and with Orca…

We stocked the pond again with cheap feeder goldfish from the pet store. Megan has done an amazing job of catching those little fish over and over and over (and thankfully releasing them right away). So far we still have yet to have any of our kids do a dive into the pond…one of these days…

Good things come to those who wait. Sure it’s over a month later but we finally had Christopher’s birthday party. It was a pirate theme this year and of course included a sleep over. The next morning the boys had fun building boats out of whatever materials they could find in the yard. They did an awesome job…and the boat looked great…but didn’t stay upright so well in the open water…

It must be May…soccer (both girls), baseball (just Christopher although Megan is talking big about softball for her next year), and Mother’s day with banana-fudge malts & burgers at Convention Grill (super yummy!). Megan is at it again…she scored two goals last week (which means ice cream for all of us – yahoo!).

Ok…enough randomness for now…take care everbody!

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  1. Dad and Grandpa T says:

    Hi David and all,

    Thanks for the update. We always enjoy the photos and seeing what you all are up to. We are looking forward to seeing the video of dance recital with you and Colleen. Hope the lift went well and no one got hurt. Funny, looking back, I probably was somewhat dragged to some of Katherine’s dance recitals. Now, how I wish I could see her dancing again and enjoying it so mcuh. Occasionally I hear one of the songs they danced to for STOPP and it brings back so many good memories.

    Didn’t we just see your family last month? I can’t believe how much older your three young Thompsons look. Enjoy them now and all their activities. It won’t be long before they are driving themselves to their activities, so enjoy being the chaufeur as long as you can.

    Good luck to Christopher as he continues on the path to becoming a Webelo. Also, hope the egg drop goes well. Sounds like Megan is experiencing some growing pains. It looks like Orca enjoys one of the phases. Did you ever see the note that my dad’s sister wrote when she ran away once? It was cute. Did Colleen really want a wolly hoodie for Easter? It looks a little out of season, but maybe in MN it’s something that is worn year round….?? Good job on the soccer goals, Megan. Were all those shake in the picture for Beth? Not counting, but it looked like a lot for one person. Hope she shared a little of them. Also, hope they aren’t making her last couple of weeks at work too uncomfortable. The Easter pictures are nice – that’s a good picture of your three young Ts. Pirate parties must be in this year. Cameron had a pirate party a few weeks ago also.

    Hope you don’t mind, but I’m multi-tasking now. I’m watching Daniel Tosh on Netflix. Probably, not someone you want your kids to watch and maybe they might think less of Grandpa if they knew I was laughing and enjoying some of his jokes. They say laughter is good medicince, so you can just tell them I’m taking some medicine.

    The girls are coming up this weekend. Mom made arrangements for us to go out Sat. night to play cards with some friends, so they will spend some of the time with Daniel’s family. We will listen to part of the Indy 500. At least the start and the singing of “Back Home Again in Indiana.” That always brings back good memories of growing up in IN.

    Better close for now. Enjoyed the update as always.


    Dad and Grandpa T.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Love the pictures! We will need to get some copies of those. It was so good to spend some time with you all when you were out here. It was a difficult time but we are truly blessed that we were able to experience some new fond memories with you all. We are counting the days until we see you all again. I enjoyed my time spent with you all when I was out in MN. Next time I’ll have to play soccer with the kids. Glad everyone is doing well. Love to you all!

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