Little Miss Megan has started doing all the things the big kids do…here she is going to dance and her first day of school. She is really loving doing all this cool stuff. She got to bring home the “share bag” today from preschool and she is psyched to “stump” everyone with what toy she brings to school in the bag. I suggested she put Orca in that bag, and between her and Christopher somehow Orca-in-the-bag evolved into bringing a bag full of poop to school. Ahhh…my type of humor. Poop, poop, and more poop.

We finally launched Christopher’s model rocket this past weekend. The girls especially weren’t very excited to go do this…but after that first rocket shot in the air they changed their minds. I forgot how fast they took off – I’m hooked again. The rocket we have comes down with only a streamer (no parachute) so it is a lot easier to find but it gets dinged up fast! Especially the last time when we put a B engine in it and the streamer tore off way up high…and of course that was the only time it drifted far enough to land on pavement instead of the grass. I think Christopher will definitely be asking for more FlisKits for Christmas. Daddy will be asking for a supply of engines – I had one pack of engines from 20 – 25 years ago (man am I getting old!) – they cost $2.99 back then. Care to take a guess on what they cost now? $5.00? Higher. $6.00? Keep going. $7.00? Try $8.69 – zowy! Thankfully the launcher still works (that would have been another $60 at least).

Forgot to include this picture from the fair before – but I think it’s a keeper:

Mom (or anyone else), if you’re sitting around with some time on your hands, and are still wondering what my department (Pearson VUE) does within Pearson…well here’s a good idea of what we do based on a new program we’re rolling out soon: Pearson Test of English Academic. Maybe a bit dry but all of the software and services to support everything they’re talking about pretty much comes out of our department full of rock star developers located in Bloomington, MN.

We’ve got 10+ girls coming to our house this Friday night for a campfire, tie-dying, and a sleep over for Colleen’s birthday. Wish us luck 🙂

Ok, enough for now. Keep bending that knee waaaaaaayyyyyy back mom. 20 more reps. Atta girl!!!

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  1. Grampa T says:

    Hello all,

    Couldn’t tell from the pic – is that a normal frog or one of those mutants you read about?

    Wow! Megan is really growing up. I bet she does enjoy doing what big sis and brother get to do. Hope the work/school/family time routine is getting worked out and not to hectic. Somehow you seem to make time for fun things with the family, which is great! Those years may seem hectic at times, but they end too quickly. Enjoy them.

    Doesn’t seem that long ago that we were launching our rockets and helping Jim Fliss look for his monster rocket over the Bud plant. Are you going to launch any of yours? As I recall you did take those back with you. If you want to go Fliskit shopping we can. I thought they had better designs that Estes and are made in USA, actually Merrimack, NH. Are you sure your engines are 20 – 25 years old??? Doesn’t seem that long ago, but…

    We wish Colleen a very Happy Birthday. Hope she has a wonderful time and the weather cooperates for your outdoor activities with all of her friends.

    Mom has therapy tomorrow morning at 9:30. He’s been giving her a pretty good work out. It’s what she needs, but now that she’s taking less medication she is having more discomfort. We can see a lot of progress, so it’s certainly paying off.

    Looking forward to seeing all of you again in a couple of weeks.


    Dad and Grandpa T.

  2. Aunt Katherine says:

    I forgot about your rocket launching days. That’s great that Christopher is enjoying that now.
    Sarah and I surprised mom with a visit yesterday. She was really surprised to see us at the door. Mom is doing great. She is walking around, and doing her exercises. It’s amazing how much better her knee is already. Can’t wait to see you guys!

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