Smells like dog poop

Colleen woke me up at 4:00 a.m. last night. She said – “It smells like Orca’s poop or dog food”. We walked closer to her room and she said how much stronger the smell was in the hallway. My worst sense (other than common) is my sense of smell so I’m sniffing around – something smelled – I wasn’t sure if it was a good smell or a bad smell – I didn’t want to step in whatever it was she was bothered by…wake up calls like this in the middle of the night are never a good thing. So I’m sniffing and trying to wake up a bit…and then it hit me…before we went to bed Beth had filled the crockpot with dinner for the next night and had set it to run all night. Ha! Wish us luck as we try to choke down dinner tonight πŸ™‚ Too funny.

Congratulations Dan, Jacqueline, big brother Preston, and new baby Cameron!!!! Way to go! Hope all is well!

Aunt Kat is talking smack about blogging…bring it. I’ve already proved UT wrong (which isn’t hard – he opens his mouth and inserts his foot way too often). I survived my first year of blogging! The problem is that it’s harder to get computer time at home than at the library now. I need to request a time slot in advance when the kids aren’t playing Poptropica and when Beth isn’t trying to rekindle old high school romances on Facebook.

Busy weeks coming up – we’re entering birthday party season, the kids are singing at church and school, Orca is getting her first haircut (we haven’t seen her eyes in a month), I’m doing the 50K race on a 4 person team again, March of Dimes walk is coming up, and the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt is coming up this weekend (which is a huge event in our neighborhood – the Bloody Mary’s keep the crowds coming back). We’re also starting to think about all of our summer/fall plans – it hurts our brains trying to think this far ahead. If anyone is planning a trip out here let us know.

We had an awesome time in the Dells. We got to hang out with Evil E and Wen (from Lafayette) plus Gen & Tom (from Chicago – also Purdue friends). We each have 3 kids so it was fun going out with a party of 15 people. We had a “big kid table” wherever we went – it worked out great for everybody (except the waiters). The Great Wolf Lodge was tons of fun as always. Gave me a chance to show off my new tatoos.

Beth and Colleen swooshing down the slide.

Megan swooshing on her own.

With the exception of the Tornado, Colleen and Christopher did everything at the water park this year. That made it a ton more fun – for them and for mommy and daddy. We had an excuse to repeatedly do the tube and mat slides. Multiply 74 steps to the top by probably 20 trips a day – we were getting quite the work out.

Colleen at 90 mph!

All the cool kids carried their mats up the stairs by balancing them on their head.

But the coolest kids of all made it look like the mat was magically walking itself up the stairs.

Can you find two of our monkeys in the wave pool? Hint – only one is facing the camera. Colleen was a super star and Christopher gets the “most improved swimmer” award. This year his head was under water longer than it was above water. When the waves came Christopher would flop onto his back under water and lay there (for a long time) – lifeguards would get a bit freaked out. I had to take him to the bathroom a few times because he said he kept drinking too much of the water πŸ™‚

It snowed just this past weekend after we got back from the Dells. It’s April – stop it!!! The ducks weren’t sure what to do, I’ve never understood why ducks walk so much (even in the snow) when they can fly. Waddle waddle quack.

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  1. Grandpa T says:

    That’s funny about the aroma. Glad it wasn’t what you thought it was.

    Looks like you all had a great time at the water park and nice your friends could join you. The night Daniel talked to you he said it sounded like you were all having a good time in the van.

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