Snow go bye-bye

It’s crazy how fast all of the snow disappeared. We just have a few piles here and there but this last week or two of above-average temps melted most everything. We hit the 60’s today…the sidewalks were packed with kids going back and forth and around the block.

I’m not going to post any pictures today…just a bunch of randomness. Yesterday (March 13th) is the first day I noticed Mr. Mallard back in our pond. He visited a few times yesterday, and visited even more today. Orca isn’t convinced he’s a friend of ours yet…I think I’ll have to put up some chicken wire to keep her out.

Before the snow melted I noticed deer prints in our backyard…I didn’t see any deer this year (part of my annual checklist: see a deer in our yard; pick-up a turtle in the neighborhood; watch ducks hatch in our pond; find a cocoon in our yard), but now I know they’ve been around recently. And we finally found our sled that was lost in January. It was in the spot that I first checked way back when…guess it was too far below the snow already or maybe I didn’t quite step on it. Kind of like a big game of battleship in the yard.

I remember mom saying that when I was a little kid she found folded underwear in the hamper (i.e., I thought I was fooling her by saying I changed my clothes and then would throw in the clean stuff). Apparently Christopher has a different problem. I was doing laundry and the kids often take off their pants and underwear together…so I was pulling a pair of underwear off of his inside-out pants legs…and then I pulled another pair of underwear off of those same pants legs. He’s going to run out of clothes if he starts wearing two pair of underwear all the time!

Christopher and I were talking about punishments the other day and I told him that mom used to chase me with a wooden spoon. His dumbfounded response was “Seriously?”. I’m not sure which part of that scenario was the hardest for him to believe but it made me laugh.

Aunt B – are there no mailboxes in Florida? are you afraid to put that much $ in a regular envelope???? let’s go – my kids gotta eat. 🙂

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