Eyes in the back of my head

Megan has asked a few times lately “Do you really have eyes in the back of your head?”. She’s very serious about this and convinced parent’s can see behind them and that somehow we really do have eyes back there. We need to use this to our advantage with her – yes, we definitely can always see what you are up to – so stop doing whatever it is you either are doing are were thinking about doing!

Last week Megan was very excited to celebrate her 1/2 birthday in preschool. Beth’s parents were up from St. Louis so Megan conned them into baking a cake for her at home too. They came up to help out (thank you thank you thank you) while I went on my annual ski trip to Vail. It was a great few days out there as always – we even found 1 1/2 feet of powder in the back bowls. Skiing out there in that much powder is awesome. I was strong this year – my legs and lungs felt great the whole trip which isn’t always the case when you’re sleeping and skiing between 9,000′ – 11,500′.

Mother Earth is angry this year, huh? Another huge earthquake, another 3′ of snow out east, what’s next? Hopefully New Hampshire and B-water weren’t hit too bad and electricity is still on for everyone. We are having 35F days now but still have enough snow on the ground that we haven’t found the few sleds that got burried well over a month ago…they’ll turn up one of these days/weeks/months. Yesterday I climbed 30 flights of stairs in fire gear. That felt good too. I may not look as young as I used to in these photos but I get in better shape each year!

Tilikum is giving our puppy a bad name – I’ll be careful not to dangle my ponytail in front of Orca, who knows what she’s capable of. And how about those Boilermakers. Life is going to get tougher (starting this afternoon against michigan state) without Hummel (tore his ACL last week) but we’ve had a great run. Yesterday the #1 & #2 teams both got beat which would have been interesting to see where Purdue (#3 in the country) would have ended up after they beat michigan state today. Not having Hummel will make a difference. He should just suck it up and play!!! Keep your fingers crossed – Boiler Up! Christopher and I are going ice fishing today during game time…and during the Olympic hockey final game…not the best timing 🙁

Kids being silly outside – their socks came of next and then they ran in the snow – brrrrr.

I took the kids out on the lake two weekends ago. I was surprised to have the beach, lake, parking lot, and playground all to ourselves. Who would have thought?

Can you read what Colleen is writing?

This is after I tried to wipe the snow off her face…poor puppy…

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  1. Katherine Diedrichsen says:

    Luckily we didn’t get buried in snow, and we still have our power.

    I can’t wait to tell Sarah that I have eyes on the back of my head. I feel like all Erik and I say to her these days is “No”. It’s tiring.

    So glad to hear you had a fun, safe trip to Vail.

    Take care!

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