No Disney???

Let’s just start by saying…Boiler Up! Drew Brees blowing away payton and the colts. Purdue beating iu in bloomington. Purdue beating michigan state in east lancing. Boiler Up!!!

Seems like things just keep getting busier. This past Saturday I started the day by running up 50 flights of stairs with a bunch of fire fighters to the top of the tallest building in Minneapolis. I did it under 11 minutes so I was happy with that. While I was doing that, Beth had the other three kids downtown before 7:00 a.m. to rehearse for a dance performance that night. The girls danced at the Timberwolves game (we watched the T-wolves win their 4th in a row for the first time this season) – they girls did a great job. I don’t know if they’re getting better or my standards are getting lower šŸ™‚ (I’m positive it’s the former).

And Megan smiled during her performance this time…small steps…

Megan’s favorite part of the night…her cotton candy reward after the performance…

Here’s a link to a video of the entire performance (Per Beth: Megan is wearing white, pink and black – the first minute Megan is in it a lot. Colleen is wearing purple and black – minute ~3:17, ~3:40 and ~4:50 you can see Colleen up close).

Christopher also had a presentation at school – this is when his career as a drummer starts!

And then…Colleen and Beth spent all day Sunday afternoon (yes, Super Bowl Sunday – think a woman was in charge of setting that up?) at Girl Scout International Day. Here’s Colleen looking very International!

I feel like all I’ve done the past few days is shovel snow. Every time I get back inside I turn around and go shovel again. But I love snow. I love shoveling. I love watching it pile up and cover everything. Bring it! I spent 5+ hours at the fire station last night on standby just in case we had to get somewhere in a hurry. The most exciting call was that a roof partially caved in on a house that also had squatters in it. In Eden Prairie no way? And even if it was in Eden Prairie our dispatcher has to know you don’t say things like that over the air about Eden Prairie. Common.

And I’ve got some great news somewhat related to winter. We did it. There is a new Christmas light champ on the street. Our neighbors across the street have been winning this one for years. But this year we held out. I left it up to the kids and asked them if we should give in and take our lights down. They said no way. Actually, they said we should leave them up all year. So…on the 5th of February we were the undisputed last house on the street with our Christmas lights up. Do we have to call them President’s Day lights if we go another week or can we still call them Christmas lights? Who cares – we win, you lose, now you get a big bruise!

Ok…help me out with this one. Tonight at dinner I asked the kids where they wanted to go on vacation this year. I said they could go anywhere. They said “the Wisconsin Dells”. We can do that. They know we’re already doing that. Easy enough. Then they asked “the State Fair?”. But of course. Not really a vacation…but we can do that. They said “up north?”. Yep we can do that. So I said, anywhere, you name it, where do you want to go? I listed some places (Grand Canyon, Mexico, Disney World). They didn’t even pause and said “how about up north for a whole week?”. We said “no Disney World?”. Nope. No interest at all. They had their reasons. Up North for a whole week wins. So…the question is…if the kids could care less about Disney then do we force it? Will their childhood be any less fulfilling? Up North is great (I like it more every year) – in fact, we’d love to have any of you join us up there in the summer. I guess we revisit this later on…I tore out an article a while ago saying that most parents take their little kids to Disney for themselves, not for their kids (i.e., the memory of how you picture your kids at Disney is more rewarding to parents than the experience of Disney to the kids). Whaddaya think?

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  1. Grandpa T says:

    The Olympic ceremony is on, but I just finished watching the U Can Danz show for the 3rd time. I’m amazed they could get so many girls all sort of doing the same thing at sort of the same time. Great job Colleen and Megan. I really enjoyed the show and you both did great! Wish we could have been there to see your performance in person. I enjoyed the music too.

    Is it OK if we get Christopher a set of drums for his birthday? I’m sure he won’t play them too loud. On the other hand I remember hearing Michael across the street when he was practicing his guitar.

    As long as you’re asking, I’ll side with the kids. If they would rather spend their time with your family up north, Disney will always be there. It’s a place that can be enjoyed at any age. If they are typical teenagers, you may find in a few short years they will not have the time or interest to do things with the rest of the family (and maybe especially their parents). I looked back at your pictures and comments from your 2008 and 2009 trips up north and that convinced me even more to side with the kids. From the pictures and your comments it looks like you all enjoy your time up there. Also, there is a certain tradition you’ve started – the picture of the three young Thompsons with arms around each other standing in the river. Try to throw rocks or stand in the water at Disney and see what happens. For that matter, try to find a real rock at Disney. Disney is a great place and I know you all would enjoy it, but it can take a lot out of you, physically and financially. I recall how tired we were trying to take everything in at Disney. If you really want to relax, the kids may be pointing you in the right direction.

    Joining your family sounds great, but it won’t be this year. It will be tough for me to get time off this summer. A year from this summer I plan to have a lot more time available. Also, mom is thinking of having her right knee worked on late this spring, so she probably won’t be ready for much travel. She has her 6 month check up next month so she will see what her surgeon says.

    Better close, I have to get up at 5:00 tomorrow. Take care. Happy Valentine’s Day. We always enjoy the updates and pictures.

  2. Dave says:

    I think that’s a great response about Disney. Going up north for a week sounds great to Beth and me. With the money we’ll save from Disney we can stay in the nice townhouses again and not feel bad about it. And take our time seeing every sight up there. And eat fresh fish straight out of the lake each day (at the Angry Trout cafe). And relaxing. And not being in a hurry to go anywhere. And doing nothing. Can’t wait.

  3. Katherine Diedrichsen says:

    Awesome dancing!! I love watching Colleen and Megan dancing.

    Do you turn your lights on every night still? That might make you guys the crazy family in the neighborhood… C’mon over to our 4th of July party… we’re the house with the Christmas lights on.

    You should go up north if that’s where the kids want to go. Like Dad said, Disney will always be there. I wish we could join you this summer, but I won’t be traveling at that point. I’ll be huge by then! Hopefully I can get out there at some point this year.

  4. Brooks Thompson says:

    That was the best Super Bowl ever. I loved that neither team ran away with the game early on. And Drew with his little boy after the game brought tears to my eyes!! Plus they beat the Colts – what could be better, unless of course it was the Patriots beating the Colts!!!

    The dance sequence was great – I can’t imagine being in charge of that many little girls at one time for a dance routine, but everyone did a great job – we liked our granddaughters best, of course.

    I ditto everything grandpa said about Disney. It’s a fun place and so much to do, but you can go anytime you want to Florida. Enjoy what the kids want to do especially if you love doing it, too. You don’t needs crowds to have a great time – just family.

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