Easy money

We went to a science fair last weekend. There was a “science magic” show in the hallway as you entered the fair so we stayed there for over 1/2 hour because Christopher was loving it. When we first arrived they were setting up this contraption with two plates that they had stuck a dollar bill between. Then they sucked the air out between the plates and said if anyone in the audience could pull the plates apart they could keep the dollar. And then they made a fatal mistake…they chose Christopher from the audience. Nobody loves small denominations of money more than Christopher…he went right up there, grabbed the handles, instantly pulled them apart, picked up the dollar and left. After that his hand was the first one up any time they needed a volunteer!

And to top if all off, I was reading the paper and guess who I saw a picture of…if you look real close you can see at least parts of all of us…(shhhh – don’t tell the fire department or I have to buy pies for the station)…

It was “Dad’s night” at Megan’s preschool last week. No exaggeration…we probably heard one of the songs rehearsed 100+ times last week…sung to the tune of B-i-n-g-o…”there is a man I love a lot, and Daddy is his name-o, D-a-d-d-y”…it’s definitely great to hear, and cute, and touches your heart…the first 99 times…after that you find yourself singing this everywhere you go and making up your own verses (there is a boy who toots a lot, and Christopher is his name-o).

It was a busy scouting week too – first I gave the scouts in our pack a tour of the fire station (Christopher was trying his hardest to make a sad face but couldn’t quite pull it off in time).

And then we had the pinewood derby. It is amazing how high-tech it is…every car ended up racing down all 6 lanes and they tallied all of the results…they even gave you a sheet of paper with all of your times for each heat. The fastest cars raced down the track at 220 mph – zoom! Christopher’s car is in the right lane behind him in this picture.

Ok, time to get serious for a second, it was a sad week, a cherished member of our household departed us. Something near and dear to my heart, that I’ve had countless meals with, and lots of good memories, that has got me through good times and bad…they just don’t make ’em like they used to…my beloved sandwich maker from college finally had to get tossed out. I had a tuna melt today for the first time using my new sandwich maker…it tasted great but I felt a bit guilty…give me time.

RIP 1990 – 2010

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  1. Katherine Diedrichsen says:

    It’s always sad when a trustworthy appliance has to be put down.

  2. Grandpa T says:

    Let me guess – Megan is in red, Colleen is next to her and Chritopher is partially seen next to Colleen. Beth is leaning down to Megan and you are hiding in a white sweatshirt with a dark baseball cap (clearly you are trying to avoid having to buy pies). If family members count, Colleen may the the one they will pick out for your pie purchase. Maybe you can offer Girl Scout cookies instead.

    Hope you had fun at the pinewood derby Christoper. Doesn’t matter if you took top spot, just as long as you had fun making and racing the car. Good job on rescuing the $1 and nice that you are willing to volunteer for things. I like the picture of you in your Scout uniform.

    If you want a sandwich maker of the same vintage, I can look around in the basement or attic. Who knows what I might come across?? Daniel still has some things in boxes from when he lived in the apartment in Merrimack. I can’t offer his sandwich maker to you though in case he’s as attached to it as you were to yours.

  3. Dave says:

    Nice work Grandpa – you must have been using zoom!

  4. Brooks Thompson says:

    You’re such a busy family,but that is great you can all participate together in so many of the things. Maybe Christopher can show us the plate trick when we visit next time and we can try to get his $1.00 bill. Actually, I picked everyone out, too, except you, David. What dad doesn’t know or probably just forgot is that we have a sandwich maker just like your old one in a cabinet in the kitchen. We never use it, but maybe I’ll surprise him with a toasted ham and cheese sandwich next week. Have a good weekend. I saw Purdue beat IU in basketball this week on ESPN. Becka said Tom went to the game. Dad has to work Sunday, so I’ll watch the Superbowl alone – Go Saints!!!

  5. Dave says:

    I can’t believe you have two sandwich makers in your house and we went out and spent $10 on a brand new one (yep, they only cost $10 – I should have replaced mine years ago for that price). It was awesome that Purdue beat IU in Bloomington. Aunt B called me a few days ago and I bet her $5 on the Super Bowl – maybe not a smart bet on my part but I have to believe in Drew Brees! She also said she ran into the other Dave Thompson’s parents while in Florida – that’s crazy! Take care. Go Saints!!!

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