Spring has sprung

Across the street our neighbor has not one, but two concrete geese on her porch – one dressed as an Easter bunny and the other dressed as a cardinal. I guess that’s a sure sign of spring. Or a sign that she belongs in a looney farm. Dressing geese up? Multiple fake geese? Can you say wacko? Stick with barbies and keep them in your house lady.

The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend. We ate dinner by a campfire last night and today we ate lunch outside on the patio. After dinner Beth and I sipped some wine on our bench on the hill – yep, got all the lawn furniture out yesterday, did some raking, cleaned out the pond, etc. Another sure sign of spring – today I saw two big fish in the pond (they survived the winter – yah!) and we also sighted the first duck of the year landing in our pond. Love to see the animals come out this time of year.

And our last big sign of the weather getting better…we finally got Megan’s Christmas present out of the shed!!! Thankfully it worked – she loves tooling around the yard and is having a blast with it. I’m not sure that Christopher will ever figure out that the doors won’t open no matter how hard he pulls – but all the kids are lovin’ it.

The water park was great for spring break. Had a fun time as always. The kids are now doing every slide in the park. Remember a photo similar to this one three years ago (yep, this blog has survived 3 years!!!)?

Ian and Wendy couldn’t make it this year b/c our spring breaks didn’t line up so we replaced them with some friends up here 🙂

One of the highlights of the trip was that all of the kids defeated the dragon in the MagiQuest – don’t mess with us!!!

Check out Colleen’s elastic arms – how did she do that?

Our local hardware store (Menards) closed for a year so that they could completely rebuild a brand new super store. It is an amazing store now. Here’s a picture of Colleen riding up the moving walkway that will move people and their carts up to the 2nd floor. When’s the last time you saw a player piano in a hardware store?

Megan was helping me switch my gear at the fire station. Almost fits 🙂

Christopher will soon be a Wolf scout. I think he gets to walk across the bridge to earn his new rank in a few weeks. Last week the scouts learned about marbles. I learned more than I ever needed to know about marbles in my life.

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