You’ll shoot your eye out

Fire randomness…We had a few unique calls at the fire station today. The first one came in as a 6 or 7 year old boy who got shot in they eye with a bb gun. I thought maybe the next call would be a kid with his tongue stuck to a pole. And then later in the afternoon we had a call that there was the smell of a natural gas leak…at fire station #3 (my station!). The paramedics called it in while they were stopping by the station – turned out to be something in the sewer but it was still an odd call to respond to our own station. Every so often we get a page that there is a car on fire in the parking lot of our station. I think people drive to the station and expect someone to be there (surprise – we’re not!). It always is a bit awkward once we get there because we’re used to getting on the truck and having time to get ready while we’re on the way to the incident. When we get there and there is a car there on fire we’re not sure if we get dressed in our gear, or get on the truck, or what. We had to respond to an accident at the intersection right in front of the fire station one time. We got in our gear, got on the truck, the operator put on the lights & sirens, and then he stopped the truck at the end of the driveway to our station and we all got out – we looked like the Keystone Firefighters!!! We had a house fire a few nights ago (we kept it confined to the garage – way to go EPFD!) – here I am (those are my feet) hanging hose up to dry afterwards.

I ran a 7K race last weekend (I think that’s a bit less than 5 miles). My time was surprisingly good (for me) especially considering I was starting to come down with a cold and that I started back in the pack. Over 5,000 people ran in this event – the entire way I was running in a pack of people and felt like I was passing and passing and passing people. They sent out some cool metrics after the race – it’s cool what they can calculate based on everyone’s individual start and finish times. My metrics showed that I passed 1164 people and that I was only passed by 23 people – no wonder I felt like I was passing people the entire way – I was!

Christopher and Megan took their kung fu tests this past weekend for their next belts. Megan is now a yellow belt and Christopher is a 2nd degree green belt. I can still whoop them whenever I want – and all I have is a Sears belt. They are still both enjoying that but we’re going to take a break from it now while soccer (Megan) and baseball (Christopher) ramp up in the spring.

And yes, I’m still living the dream 🙂 These aren’t so bad, right? Have any requests???

Spring break is in a few weeks. The kids are getting excited and into planning mode (meals, activities, etc). Colleen and Christopher spent a lot of time today planning his birthday party too. I’m not sure what the theme is but he put a lightning storm on his invitation, they may watch star wars, he wants to tie dye, and he was talking about building weapons as an activity. Boys!!!

Mom and Dad- you’re still in our prayers all the time. Get those kidneys jump started Dad! We are hoping for great news this week and hope you continue to feel great. I’m sure we’ll talk to you soon. Hope Linda and others were able to make it down and that you had some good times. Hello to all!

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