Sugar Momma

It’s official. Beth is back to work!!! Her first day was filled with HR stuff so she’s hoping day 2 is a bit more exciting. We had her chair decorated and she got to eat off of the “You’re Special Today” red plate…and even Orca celebrated by making some confetti (out of her “Puppy Pad”).

We got the annual note from school today saying “We will be going outside to play at recess every day unless the air temperature or wind chill is below -10F”. Sometimes I’m glad I’m not a kid 🙂

Megan with her sled dog. Mush!

Thanksgiving is coming up…so Christopher made an…alien?…hat in school. The things they teach kids these days.

Orca has a new friend in the backyard. He comes to watch her play all the time now. And sometimes screams out a cheery “hello” as he swoops by to wave at her.

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