Up North – #2

Our first full day in Grand Marais was great. A few hikes, outstanding weather, great company, and more awesome food.

Started the day with the World’s Best Donuts (duh – how else would we start the day up here) and a quick walk out to Artist’s Point (just a block or so from our condo). The kid’s love playing tag as they run on the jagged rocks with steep drop offs into the water!!! What’s great about the condo is that we can sit on our patio or balcony and watch the kids run along the water and throw rocks and chase seagulls while we just chill and read or sip a little somethin’.

Here’s Beth on the balcony as we came back from our quick morning hike. These condos are perfect – very glad we came here instead of the dumpy hotel across the street again 🙂

Then we headed to Judge C.R. Magney state park to see the infamous Devil’s Kettle! The water was very low so we got to climb on rocks up and down the river that normally are underwater. I need to figure out how I can get paid to run on rocks – I swear I could do that all day every day – wheeee! With the water so low I climbed almost to the edge of the Devil’s Kettle but we still can’t figure out where the water goes once it enters the Devil’s Kettle – or maybe I know now and I’m not telling. They say they’ve dropped dye in the water and other things and still don’t have a clue where the water goes once it drops into this deep hole.

After hiking we ate Sunday brunch at Nanny-nanny-boo-boo, stared at their funky ceiling a lot, and then played in the rocks. They’ve got a great spread on Sunday’s and we sampled everything! Mommy took a little nap on the beach…not a good idea with our kids nearby…

The day ended at the Angry Trout…lake Trout chowder, fish sandwiches, Oatmeal stout, super fresh local fruits and veggies…this place does everything right from saving the environment to supporting local everything to making delicious food. We should have stopped the perfect day right there…instead we went home, put the kids to bed, and started to watch Black Dynamite…don’t add that one to your movie list 🙁

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