Up North – #3

We spent the last several days tooling around the area. Had a nice picnic on Artist’s Point, swam a few times at a nearby pool, played monopoly, watched Harry Potter, and looked at some art galleries when it drizzled just one morning of our trip. Climbed up the mostly dry river bed of the Devil Track River. Spent even longer (2+ hours?) chasing and unlodging our “boats” as they made their way downstream. The kids loved following their boats down this windy river but I didn’t realize how much work it would be to unlodge them from so many low points and crevices and tricky traps the river set for us. And of course we’ve continued to have a lot of great, fresh food…Angry Trout again (and again), My Sister’s Place, Crooked Spoon (with some friends who are up this week too), Coho Cafe, more World’s Best Donuts – yummy yummy yummy!!!


Here are our “boats” preparing to launch…Colleen’s long stick is the only one out of about 10 sticks and leafs that made it the entire way down.

We hiked the Tettegouche trails for the first time this year. It was a bit different from most of the other trails we’ve done in that you are hiking throught the woods and not directly next to a gorge or river that you can tell for most of it. 1.2 miles in you end up at two-step falls which isn’t so impressive. Christopher and I continued on another .4 miles to get the High Falls which was a pretty cool waterfall.

After 3+ miles of hiking the kids got to suck down some well-deserved oreo smoothies šŸ™‚

We also hiked along the Temperance River again this year. This (along with Judge C. R. Magney) is one of our favorite spots to hike and take photos. The water was lower this year than past years so we were able to easily cross the river as a family. Well…let me qualify “easily cross the river” by saying that the two oldest kids crossed the river fairly easily. I was holding Megan’s hands so she would try to step from rock to rock – this sounds easier than it actually is because often you can’t tell which rocks are wobbly and her legs really had to stretch…so by the time I would get her extended onto her own rock in the middle of the water then there wouldn’t be enough room for my feet on that same rock…but we were managing ok. I won’t mention any names (yet…heh heh heh)…but from behind me all of a sudden I hear this huge commotion…sounded like bombs dropping combined with an avalanche and tumbling rocks. I turn around and almost all of the contents of the backpack which had been on Beth’s back were spread out in 5′ radius around Beth and she’s frantically trying to grab everything out of the water before it got swept away (the water was moving pretty good and there is a big waterfall 20′ away). Our good camera was in a bright yellow bag and we both see that as the farthest object from her heading downstream. I quickly jumped with Megan back to shore but Beth was quicker and completely jumped in the water with both feet to grab the yellow plastic bag with the camera. I’ll spare you the details of the camera (so far there isn’t a happy ending – unless you’re looking for a camera that clicks like it’s taking pictures when in the “off” position as soon as you put the battery in) but no one was hurt and we are still giggling every time Beth tries to explain this by saying “I don’t know what happened…the backpack just exploded!!!“. So, can anyone answer this one – why make cameras float if they aren’t going to be waterproof??? Although the camera did the fake “clicks” non-stop I was able to rescue pictures from it, such as this one (look familiar?)…

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  1. Grandpa T says:

    Enjoying all the pics and stories from your trip up north. Your family made the right choice between up north and Disney. Looks like everyone is having a great time – that is great!

    Too bad about the camera, but good that no one was hurt. The camera can be repaired or replaced. I had to send mine to the factory repair center because it wasn’t reading light correctly. They replaced something and it’s worked fine since. I’d give them a call and see what they say.

    I’m so glad you were able to take the “traditional” river picture. I’ve enjoyed them from the very first one.

    Glad you’re having a great time and could get away. We’ll talk to you when you get back to Eden Prairie.

    Good luck to Beth and your young students as they start a new job and new school year.

  2. Brooks Thompson says:

    What a fun vacation and it looks like and sounds like everyone is having a wonderful time. You all must sleep so well at night from being outside so much during the day. Seeing the Duluth lift bridge always brings back such wonderful memories of when dad and I were first married. We spent many hours just sitting in the park by the bridge and watching the boats of all sizes (if was fun and didn’t cost anything since we didn’t have much money back in those days). Glad you could get away before school starts and before Beth starts her new job in two days. Good luck to everyone. What happened to Purdue today??? Thought at one point they might catch up to ND. Tom Egold was there and he even wore a Purdue shirt and sat in the Purdue section since his neighbor (#24 Warner) got him tickets. I’m sure he was still quietly rooting for ND. Hope to talk to all of you soon. All the family is coming for a barbeque on Monday and it’s suppose to be a great day outside. Dad did a test run of his hoses in the pond today – A lot of work still to be done!!!! He’s such a hard worker. He will finish it next spring for sure!!!! Happy September! šŸ™‚

  3. Dave says:

    Sweet – I need to see the pic of UT in a PU shirt. Purdue stunk it up again today. Every time they call to ask for donations to Purdue I say to call back when we win a national championship. I’m ready to pay up but Purdue’s got to deliver first! The vacation was awesome. A great getaway and a trip the kids love. I can’t wait to see Dad’s pond – maybe that will inspire me to start working on the stream down our hill šŸ˜‰

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