Welcome home Dad!!!

Dad’s trip up north seemed super fast – for me anyway 🙂 Glad to hear everything is going great now – way to go! I can’t remember if I shared a quote from Steve Job’s on this blog last month. I posted a quote from his Standford commencement speech at work last month and now that speech is getting tons of hits. Click here if you haven’t listened to it before – he brings home the importance of living life in the present and not having any regrets. Speaking of which, let’s start planning that trip to Grand Marais for next August – put your arm in training now for rock skipping, get your legs ready for some great hikes, and get your belly ready for great food at New Scenic Cafe, Sven and Ole’s, Angry Trout, Crooked Spoon, Gun Flint Tavern, and the World’s Best Donuts. Hopefully we can all pull that trip off and make some great memories of relaxing days and nights up in the peaceful middle of nowhere.

I had a great (but quick) trip to Chicago and Purdue last weekend. It’s crazy to believe that I already have been there and back. It always gives me a great feeling to be in Chicago and to drive through Wisconsin and into Indiana – fantastic memories. And of course it’s great catching up with E and Wen and having some great times. Here we are walking out of Harry’s Chocolate Shop. That place hasn’t changed a bit in 20 years!

There’s some new construction that will bring roundabouts to Eden Prairie. This has been an ongoing topic in the paper and people are concerned about not knowing how to use them. So…the paper this week had an article saying there is some upcoming roundabout training that will feature golf carts that you can take for a test drive around a mock course. That’s awesome – this is affirmation that even though I’m 40 I’m not officially old yet!

There was also an article today about how fire poles are coming back (along with more two-story fire stations). We don’t have any stations in the city that could use a fire pole but that would be cool. The article also mentioned that there is no longer any tolerance for some of the hazing that used to go on such as greasing the fire pole before a rookie tried to slide down it (yikes!).

Only a few more games left for both Christopher and Megan. I thought this picture on the bench was great. This is Christopher along with one of his best friends JT.

It was going to cost $175 for the dentist to remove one of Megan’s teeth. Zowy! What a racket! I told her I’d pay her $150 if she got it out herself (yah, right). Beth got the pliers out this week and the two of them worked on that tooth for several nights. And finally…success! Here is a photo just before it came out – looks fine to me 🙂

We were greeters in church this morning at both services. Why they scheduled us the day after Purdue played Minnesota I don’t know (Purdue whooped them yesterday by almost 30 points), but I got a lot of mileage out of my tie this morning 🙂

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